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We are Corrugated Box Manufacturer located at Pardi, Vapi, Gujarat. We are manufacturing various two main products named Corrugated Boxes & Corrugated Sheets. You can have a look at our product portfolio here. 

Coming to Corrugated Boxes, also known as, Corrugated Cardboard Cartons, we are manufacturing packaging boxes as per customers requirements. But broadly, it can be bunched into certain types of corrugated boxes. Those are 3 ply corrugated box, 5 ply corrugated box, die cut box, custom printed corrugated box, white boxes and multi depth box.

We are listing down various types of boxes below, where you can read more on those types of boxes. Please click on them to know more about it. 

You are wondering that what is a corrugated box than we can come up with a single definition that when a flute paper which is made by compressing the Kraft containerboard in the shape of S arch and then sandwiched between the linear board with the help of the adhesive. This sheet is called a corrugated sheet and the box made out of it are called corrugated box.

Well, there cannot be one particular answer to this as there are many advantages of using a corrugated box. This lightweight box can provide enough protection against the packed goods. We can look at the following points to understand the advantage of using a corrugated box.

  • Corrugated box are much stronger than cardboard box
  • Can be recycled and reused are made of biodegradable material
  • Corrugated box offers flexibility and are also cost-effective
  • Sustainable and cost-efficient
  • Corrugated boxes are easily customizable and provides branding option.
  • They are cost-effective, lightweight and provide sustainability.
  • The Corrugated box is designed in such a way that it helps to protect the product from moisture and bacteria.

Thus, is a great option for the packaging of food products ex: – Corrugated pizza box.

If you considered the cardboard box as same as corrugated box than you are having a lot of confusion in your head. Yes, they are not the same at all. Corrugated box are specially designed for shipping and packaging of larger products such as home appliances, or products which needs to be shipped with great care. Due to its durability, lightweight and product protection it is a better choice over cardboard box.

Cardboard boxes are generally made up of a single layer of sheet with heavy paper-pulp. The Cardboard box is generally used as packaging material in the form of a cereal box, greeting boxes, food products, etc.
The main difference between corrugated box and cardboard box is the process through which they are built. Though the raw material used in the manufacturing of both type of boxes is the same. The construction is pretty much different, the corrugated box usually consists of 3 or more than 3 layers of linear board with a flute sandwiched between them which increases the overall durability of the box. Whereas the cardboard box is made of a single sheet of heavy paper-pulp which is less durable as compared to corrugated boxes.

Coming to Corrugated Cardboard Cartons, we are manufacturing cardboard packaging Cartons as per Clients Paper Specifications. But broadly, it can be bunched into certain types of cardboard cartons. Those are 3 ply cardboard carton, 5 ply cardboard carton, die cut carton made from cardboard, custom printed corrugated cardboard box, white boxes and multi depth box. 

Moreover, 3 ply corrugated box is also refered as Single Wall Corrugated Box & 5 ply corrugated boxes referred as Double Wall Corrugated Box.

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Now, as if you have got an idea about a corrugated box. Then we should dig deeper into different types of corrugated boxes used in different sectors of industries according to their durability, the protection they provide and the capacity of handling the weight.

There are mainly four types of corrugated box, single-phase corrugated box, single wall corrugated box, double-wall corrugated box, triple wall corrugated box. We will have a look at the difference between them and their application in various industries.

Single-phase corrugated
type of corrugated sheet consists of a single flute and one or two sheets of linear board. The flute is glued to the linear board. Single-phase corrugated are usually sold in the form of sheet rolls and are most commonly used to wrap around product for protection or cushioning.

Single wall corrugated box
type of corrugated box consists of a one sheet of corrugated medium which is glued and placed between two sheets of liner board. This type of corrugated box has multiple uses in retail industries and as shipping boxes.

Double wallboard
walled corrugated boxes consist of a two-layer of corrugated medium glued between three layers of liner board. Hence, it makes the box more rigid and can be used for packaging of heavy products or products which are more delicate. This type of corrugated is widely used in shipping of electronic products.

Triple wallboard
one which is strongest of all type of corrugated box consist of three layers of corrugated medium and four-layer of liner board. Triple wall corrugated boxes are mainly used in packaging of industrial parts due to their durability and higher burst strength.

What does a flute means in a corrugation? Well, different types of flute are used in corrugated box among which the most commonly used is Flute C which is used in more than 80% of corrugated boxes. The different type of flute has been made for different purpose.

Type A Flute
Corrugated box containing type A flute has excellent compression and cushioning as well as good stacking strength. This type of corrugated box is mainly used to pack fragile items. The corrugated box Contains 36 flute per square foot with a thickness of ¼.

Type B Flute
The box containing type B flute is excellent in resisting puncture and flat crush. It is a great option for printing. This type of flute is commonly used in inner packing and displays. It has 46 flutes per foot with a thickness of 1/8.

Type C Flute
This type of flute is used in corrugated box which are used in building shipping boxes, box for food products and for securing fragile items like glass or furniture. It has compression properties and crush resistance. It also provides a good printing surface.

Type E Flute
Type E Corrugated boxes are commonly used in the packaging of consumer goods, displays, and ballot box and food products ex: – Corrugated pizza box. The box containing E type flute has very thin construction and thus it consumes less storage space. It has a superior printing surface and crush resistance. It contains 90 flutes per foot with a thickness of 1/16.

Type F Flute
The box containing F Flute are lightweight and are extra thin as compare to other flute. It is an excellent choice for printing purpose thus it is used for packaging of consumer goods like jewelry, shoes, etc. It has 124 flutes per foot with a thickness of 1/32. Make it excellent in terms of crush resistance.

You are going to find a lot of different styles of corrugated boxes used for different purpose. Used for different purpose let us look at different styles of corrugated boxes.

Regular slotted Container (RSC)
This type of box is most commonly used. As you think of corrugated box the first thing to come in your mind is the image of the box given above. It has four flaps which are on both sides of the box used for closing the container.

Full Overlap Container (FOL)
The type of box is similar to RSC expect that the outer flap set covers the full width of the container. This type of corrugated box has extra thickness on top and bottom makes it a better option for products that need extra protection.

Half Slotted type
type of corrugated box has a similar structure as regular slotted expect it has opening on one side. Thus it helps in providing extra protection to the product.

Telescope type
type of box has separate top and bottom that fits on each other thus providing extra thickness and protection on all the four sides. This type of box is used in the packaging of fragile products.

Fold type & tray
type of boxes are often used in the packaging of food products. It comes in mainly two types Glues tray and Self-locking tray boxes. Other than that there are more customizable style of tray box such as slotted tray, tray with top flaps (e.g.:- corrugated pizza box), display tray and much more.

Other than this there are a lot of different types of corrugated boxes available in the market. Which can be used for fulfilling a different purpose.

For branding on a corrugated box, we can rely on different types of printing methods. All of these printing methods have different application in packaging industries.

type of printing are most commonly used in consumer product boxes. E.g.:- corrugated pizza box, cosmetic box, electronic box, etc. It has a high print quality and ca be used for higher perceived value like matte or super gloss. This type of printing can be seen on folding cartons and labels.

type of printing is mainly used in large scale industries where corrugated boxes are required for shipping purposes. It has less printing cost per unit, lower tool cost and can be printed using both water and oil-based inks. It is mainly used for printing stand up pouch, corrugated box for shipping.

Digital printing
type of printing can be done with low-cost setup and can be used if the volume is less. It’s print quality is comparable to lithography. And the final product can be produced quickly. It is mainly used in printing labels, film for flexible packaging, etc.

printing technique can produce excellent quality prints. Can be used to print photos and images it can print large volume without any deterioration in print quality. It is used to print flex pouches and folding carton.

print can mainly be seen on bottles, caps, mugs, and t-shirts. It has a low-cost setup and can be used for smaller volume. It is used to print labels, prototype, promotional items, and folding carton.

If you are having a business like a franchise of a pizza shop and looking for corrugated pizza box for packaging or having a custom handmade product to be shipped to your customer or anything else which includes corrugated box in it. Then you must know that what to look at before you choose which type and style of corrugated box among them is the most suitable one for you.
To check this we need to know that where would be this corrugated box is going to be used and once we are familiar with it we can go through a checklist to follow up and get the most suitable box for our need.

What does GSM in corrugated box mean?
GSM in corrugated box means Gram per square meter which means the amount of ply used in building the corrugated box. The higher GSM Shows that the more durability of the corrugated box and higher bursting strength.

What is the burst factor in the corrugated box?
Bursting strength defines the amount of pressure the paper can tolerate before it raptures. In a corrugated box, the no of ply and flute paper increases the durability of the carton and thus it increases the bursting strength.

Which product I am putting in the carton?
purpose of buying any specific corrugated box must be known before you buy any one of them. As there are many styles of corrugated box available in the market you should choose the one which is most suitable for your particular industry.

Which grade of corrugated box will my package require?
grade of corrugated box is an important factor if you want your product to be safely delivered to your customer. This grade can be decided by checking the Composition, Type of paper used, GSM, and Type of Flute.

Where would be the box used?
is an important question to ask yourself before ordering corrugated box. As if you want to use it for packaging of consume product or it is needed for shipping purpose. Because it will help you to decide which type, style and printing you will be using on them.

Which printing method is best for you?
you have decide the style and type of corrugated box now you need to decide the process of printing that you want to use on corrugated box. If it is for consumer product than you can go for digital printing and lithography. If it is for shipping than you can go for flexo and if it is for custom made then you can choose silkscreen.


Corrugated box is a packaging box made from corrugated sheets. Corrugated sheet is made from kraft paper & corrugation process. It’s a replacement of wooden packaging as corrugated boxes can be manfuactured at lower cost than wooden packaging with the same cstrength charasterics.

General quality parameters of corrugated boxes are bursting strength of the board, compression strength of a board, ring crush test, edge crush test, weight of the box, GSM of the paper used, moisture measurement & moisture resistance, also known as cobb value.

There is no difference between corrugated box & cardboard carton. It can be used interchangeably. 

To test the bursting strength of the multi-layered papers and paperboards, high-quality of bursting strength testers with the superior quality of diaphragm is used. During the test, the sample is pressurised with uniform pressure until the seal or weakest point of the box or paper burst

The compressive testing process. A concrete compressive strength test machine works by progressively applying force on a specimen. Because strength is defined as the maximum load carried divided by the average cross-section area, the most logical way to determine the strength of a specimen is to load it until it fails

It is called flexo graphic printing matter. Printing is done through rubber blocks, also known as rubber stereo.

The adhesive is used to form a bond between top liner & fluting media. The stronger the bond, better the box. Starch based adhesive is used to make corrugated boxes.

There are 2 types of method available. First is to use stitching pins to in flap to form a box. Also, there are varieties of stitching pins like, stainless steel, brass & copper.


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