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Trident Paper Box Industries

Corrugated Box Manufacturer, Corrugated Carton Exporter, Cardboard Boxes Supplier

Quality is not an act, it is a habit. – Aristotle

Our Approach towards work!

Trident Paper Box Industries is known as one of the best corrugated box manufacturer among peers, but we reckon ourselves as a finest craftsman of qualitative packaging that happens to be Corrugated Boxes, Corrugated Sheets & different types of cardboard corrugated cartons. 

For the crowd, it’s volume based business based on numbers, for us it’s a valuable carriage, often known as packaging, where our customer’s supply depends on. 

Mindset is nothing but the how see the world, in turn reflects in your behaviour and the same reflects in our day to day actions & decisions.

When we act with such a attitude towards our day to day actions, it translates into efficiency & eventually results in better value for all the stakeholders that what we believe.

How did we start?

As we have already stated, we started Trident Packaging( Corrugated Box/Carton Manufacturing Unit) with our baby-steps in 1983 in leadership of Mr. Kashyap Desai. The manufacturing lines was totally manual and some of the machines was acquired second hand. The infrastructure was also a rented one as a first generation entrepreneur we didn’t have such an access to capital.

If we talk about numbers of 1983, we had annual turnover of Rs 50 lakhs and 600 MT in Production while the total team consisting of staff, skilled workers & unskilled workers being 15+.

Years progressed..

Packaging Industry evolved..

Business evolved..

Trident Packaging evolved..

We evolved..

Some lessons we learned..

Somethings we were taught..

As they say, you learn from your own mistakes. We also made them, and we learnt from them.

Where are we today?

Today we are here..

Today, we operate from a self-owned land & manufacturing facility of 50,000 Sq Ft and raw material storage of 13,000 Sq Ft.

In Financial Year 2018, we are going to clock turnover of Rs 50+ Crores. Our production levels have touched 16,800 MT per year with human resource strength of 15+ qualified staff, 40+ skilled & unskilled workers with management involved.

We have not branched out in any other businesses. 

We believe in focus.

We believe in Growth.

So speak our actions.

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