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Corrugated Box has a greater export potential due to various reasons. Firstly, India enjoys low cost manufacturer’s advantage in almost all of the industries where labour is a significant cost. Secondly, India is a producer of recycled paper where it has a further cost advantage. India being a open economy where businesses can trade freely, hence Corrugated Box has been in substantial demand since a long time now.

We have greater inclination towards exports & we are handling the exports with greater priority as well as efficiency. In case you have any inquiry, please let us know via contact form below. Below are the various specifications of work we do.

Corrugated Box Exporters India

Outside: Custom Made ( L W H)
Sheet Size : 3100mm x 3600mm

3 Ply (Single Wall) / 5 Ply (Double Wall)
Seams are glued/stiched.
All boxes open along the length.
3/6 Color Flexo Printing on Box

100 GSM to 400 GSM
16 BF to 45BF
Recycled Kraft/Virgin Kraft

Part Container Load
Full Container Load

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum order quantity for export order?

Minimum Order Quantity depends on the size of box. Generally, a full 40 feet container consists of 10 Metric Tonnes of Material when it comes to corrugated box, hence if the weight of a box is 1 Kg, then the order quantity will be 9,000 to 10,000 Boxes

What are the containers available for shipping?

We ship in all sizes of dry storage containers. Options available are 20 Feet, 40 Feet, 40 Feet High Cube, 45 Feet and 45 feet high cube.  

What are the packaging specifications?

We are completely flexible in packaging. We can customise our packaging as per your requirements as far as it’s a full container load order. Also, we can do direct container stuffing or pallet Stuffed container. Direct Stuffed container will carry more load compared to pallet stuffed container.

What are your terms of transportation of Corrugated Cartons Export?

We work on various terms depending on the requirement of customer. We can work on FOB, CIF, Door Delivery or Ex-Factory what so ever you prefer. We prefer working Ex-factory but we don’t mind delivering to your door as well.

What are your payment terms?

We work on Full Advance Payment or Irrevocable Letter of Credit at sight. 

What is the lead time?

The cargo will be available with in 12 to 15 Days from valid Purchase Order has been raise & agreed payment conditions has been fulfilled.

What are your other offerings?

You can visit our product portfolio here. If you are looking for fully prepared corrugated boxes then you may check here. You may also visit industry wise corrugated boxes page for more info. 


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